Marginal Streets


Over the last couple of months I've been working on an election project called Marginal Streets with fellow photographer Joseph Fox. I had absolutely no idea how much enjoyable and effective it is working as a duo with another photographer.

The project was based on the discovery that England’s most marginal constituency from the 2010 general election was across the river in Hampstead and Kilburn. It would provide the perfect boundary for documenting a confused electorate, in what felt like Britain’s most uncertain election in our lifetime. We split the constiunecy in two with Joe focusing on the grittier western side, and myself on the plusher Hampstead streets. Originally conceived as a traditional documentary photography project to be published after the votes were cast, we thought it would be interesting to present the portraits daily in a blog format and distribute the images using social media throughout the ‘short election campaign’ - mimicking the constant stream of media coverage in the mainstream press but shifting the focus solely onto the voters, exposing their concerns and beliefs.

The project culminated with a street exhibition in the middle of the constituency. The pictures were taken on street, so it felt right to display them back on the street, rather than a traditional art gallery. The prints (which would not have been possible without our sponsor Papercolour) are still up and will last as long as they last.